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PROSSPEKT is an electronic-rock band based in New York and formed in Minsk on 2010. They perform at festivals and clubs around the USA. In 2013 band moved to the New York from Europe (Belarus) where they took part at the largest concerts, festivals and TV-projects. PROSSPEKT won the “National music award” as a "Debut of year (a new name)" in Belarus. PROSSPEKT had a tour round on the cities of Belarus in cooperation with the international fund Unicef supporting a healthy lifestyle. On June the 2012th, 2013th band cooperates with the Belarusian state circus where in the creative union with acrobats and trapeze artists plays on the arena live rock music.Musicians took part in a musical/rock opera Rock of ages in the countries of east Asia. 

Two S in a name of a band mean two vocalists (Singer & Singer). 

PROSSPEKT has the album "Dot com" (20­­11), singles "Sigh not so" (2016) and "My home is a Planet" (2013). Also they have 4 music videos: "Sigh not so", "MY HOME IS A PLANET"(2013), "Alpha & Omega" (2012), "Rechan'ka" (2011) Authors of songs - vocalists of the band: Niko Znaharchuk and Volha Paliushik.

Band Members: 
NIKO (Nikolay Znaharchuk) – vocalist, songwriter, producer. OLYA (Olya Paliushik) – vocalist, songwriter, producer 
USA group of musicians: Michael Eagleson - DJ. Yaroslav Chous - Saxophone.
Belarusian group of musicians: Vladimir Razvodovsky – bass guitar, Albert Krasnov – keys, Artemy Doronkin - guitar, Egor Doronkin – drums 



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